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One-Line Bio

I think I might finally be growing up.


Stealing a line from my sister, "You think your life is interesting until you sit down to write about it."

My name is Spencer and I live in the Washington DC area. I was born in Phoenix Arizona and moved to Maryland when I was 3. I'm 66% Dixie (I know because I've been tested)

I work at a financial publishing company, which is a change from my last 5 years in retail management (which is too bad because I could have had some interesting stories to tell (like the time my supervisor and I almost killed our boss' boss by stealing a wheel from her desk chair. I felt a little bad when I found out she was pregnant....but not too much because everyone hated her.))

So now I have an office job that I enjoy very much.

I have one sister and by default, a dog. I still live at home (to save expenses...DUH!). As far as friends go, I have several close friends but only one or two I would consider my best friend. That's one thing that people don't really know about me. I'm very guarded and don't truly get close to people. I've also had bad experiences with friends in the past....but more on that later. Perhaps this site will help me get past that.

So for now....welcome to my life.......

Oh! Before I forget. What's with the name of the site you ask? (You didn't? Well I'm gunna tell you anyway.) This is a nickname that I was given when I was a kid that always made me smile. So, when I was thinking of a name for my site, "This Bud's (as in Bud is, not possesive) for You" popped into my head. The name describes another eccentricity about me; I always want to please people, almost to a fault. Again....more on that later.


Hobbies? Who has time for hobbies? Occasionally I've been known to photograph a thing or two. I'm interested in music, art, and languages. My favorite sport is soccer. Most of all I enjoy spending time with friends.